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About Us

Alya Fruit Company operates as a grower, packer and exporter. We pack and export our own production and received from proffesional and loyal growers Alya Fruit Company Ceyhun GUNDUZ is an organization operating in the fresh fruit sector.

From his great experience in this sector, Ceyhun GUNDUZ took responsibility as the general manager when founding Alya in 2018. He set out to market his family-owned fig production to the world.

Alya company operates for the foreign market and especially focuses on export activities in Europe, Canada, Middle East, Far East and Russia.

Our Quality Policy

Alya company is active in agriculture, horticulture and especially in fruit packaging and export services as an institution and organization in the fresh fruit sector. Alya's expert and experienced staff are committed to providing quality products and services with its strong infrastructure with continuous development and improvement understanding and to ensuring continuity of these.

The protection of competitiveness depends on improving service quality as well as continuity. In this context, with customer feedback, preventive actions, internal audits and proposal development applications, Alya operates a continuous improvement cycle.

Our Vision

Making production in line with international quality management standards. Constantly improving. It adapts rapidly to developing technology. Production and service work in safe and healthy business environment sensitive to the environment. With its qualified and experienced workforce and continuously increasing employment, which adopt the principle of quality and efficiency, sectoral developments inform its customers about products and services. What makes your information up to date. With its R & D activities, gives direction to the sector and offers the right solutions to the customer's changing needs over time. A team with a strong working perseverance and experience. Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, Asia and Africa in the target to expand the company market share. To be a reliable and stable leader organization aiming to support the education and training activities of Turkey with the awareness of social responsibility.

Social Responsibility

The development of our people is very important to us. While contributing to the development of our own societies, we contribute to the improvement of their conditions, quality of life and health.

We meet the highest standards at Alya Fruit Company. Therefore, it is important that we pass on a rigorous care.

  • Water Management
  • Pest and Disease Control
  • Packaging Areas Cleaning System
  • Personnel Safety
  • Product Storage

We see the world as a customer: we must always listen and appeal, to our employees to secure a more sustainable future that will benefit our customers, our communities and the whole world.